This is the most important service we can offer your friends and family. We can offer a unique urn designed personally for your loved one. It may be before the end of life or soon after your loss or years later. The design can incorporate hobbies, favorite colors, vacations, names or any idea you feel is important.  Our urns are warm and colorful and we feel this is an important step of the healing process. The image above is an example of many ideas from a family and bringing it together to make a beautiful urn truly reflection of their loved one.

    AUnique Urn

                                                Urn sizing notes:

Keepsake holds about 1/2 cup of ashes ( extras may be ordered )

Small urn needed for up to 25 pound pet or child

Medium urn needed for 25-50 pound pet or child

Large Urn needed for 50 -100 pound pet or person

X-large urn needed for 100-200 pound person

XX-large urn needed for 200 pound or larger person